How to Preheat an Oven

Before you bake something, your oven needs to be heated to the proper temperature. While it takes only a few seconds to turn on your oven, it can take several minutes for it to reach the right temperature. The act of turning on your oven and letting it heat up to the right temperature is […]

How to Use an Oven

Ovens are fairly easy to use if you know the right tips and tricks. Gas ovens and electric ovens require slightly different operation, so make sure you use the right cookware depending on your oven type. All ovens need regular cleaning. Make sure to clean your oven when you notice built up food and debris […]

How to Clean an Easy Bake Oven

Easy Bake Ovens are small, plastic ovens that are a children’s toy. They do actually bake small desserts using a light-bulb or sealed-in heating element.