Easy Bake Ovens are small, plastic ovens that are a children’s toy. They do actually bake small desserts using a light-bulb or sealed-in heating element.

You will need to periodically clean your Easy Bake Oven, including inside the baking compartment.

Turn off the Easy Bake Oven before you clean it. You will use solutions that include water, so it is critically important that the oven is not on or near any electrical source.

Gather the items you need to clean the Easy Bake Oven. Put the oven on a towel when cleaning it so you don’t get the floor wet. You might want to clean it outside on a patio or sidewalk.

Keep the Easy Bake Oven intact. You probably won’t need to take the oven apart for cleaning. In fact, most pieces of the oven are not supposed to be removed. Instead, try covering the baking pan with aluminum foil when baking to reduce the chances of spills.